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Kayak & Snorkel

The Boiling Lake / Valley of Desolation

Experience Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, and be amazed by a hike that should satisfy even the most adventurous spirit. There will be opportunities to traverse Ti Tou Gorge (one of the locations where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed), walk through the Valley of Desolation (a place as harsh as its name suggests) and soak in hot water pools, before arriving at a true wonder of the world, the Boiling Lake – one of only two such lakes on Earth.

6 hours / Difficulty: Hard / US$ 75 (groups of 4 and above: US$60)

Trafalgar Falls

More than just "falling water", these twin waterfalls are undeniably a must do on any traveller's Dominica bucket list. Climb the rocks to discover the amazing basins of a purify water from the falls. Search for the hot mineral bath if you are looking for adventure.

35 minutes / Moderate / US$ 35

Emerald Pool

Romantic! Mysterious! Birdwatchers Delight! Not a tremendous waterfall, only a 40 foot drop, but it is the emerald green pool which give this attraction its mystique and intrigue. The easy trek through the heart of Dominica's rainforest is popular among birdwatchers, and novice and avid hikers alike. Segment 5 of the Waitukubuli National Trail crosses through the Emerald Pool trail going on to Castle Bruce. A bath in the pool at the base of the waterfall is very refreshing after a hike.

40 minutes / Easy / US$ 55

Mayan Springs

Renovation being done - Hailed as a real-life 'Fountain of Youth', this bluish hot bath soothes the muscles and purifies the body (check out the video below for a preview of what awaits you). Guests will be given the opportunity to take a dip in the Mayan Springs and see their restorative potential first-hand. The walk to the baths includes a journey through the undergrowth of an old lime estate, during which participants will hear the history of the lime industry and how it impacts Soufriere today.

15 minutes / Easy / US$ 20  - US$ 10 for in-house guests

Waikutubuli National Trail - Segment 1

Explore the deep forests of the south west as you hike the first segment of the Caribbean's only long-distance trail. Pass through centuries-old settlements, including the Soufriere and Morne Patate Estates, as well as Ravine Crabier, the first settlement of French immigrants from Martinique. Enjoy the sights, sounds and scents of the Nature Isle, and take-in the southernmost tip of the island from high above. Perhaps, later in your trip, you will conquer more of this famous trail, but this introductory section is the best place to start.

3 hours / Moderate / US$ 55

Victoria Falls (Delices, East Coast)

Walk through the scenic White River on this three river crossing hike and climb boulders up to reach the bluish white pool at the base of this thunderous waterfall. The river and waterfall get their milky-white and bluish-white hue from the high sulphur content in the water which comes from our famous Boiling Lake. Enjoy a swim in the therapeutic pool.

1 hour / Moderate / US$ 85

Glasse Trail (Boetica; East Coast) / Wavine Cyrique

Hike along a traditional fisherman`s pass to volcanic craters on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy breathtaking coastal scenery along the trail and get the chance to wade in ocean pools. On return from the trail, we drive along the rugged coastline of the Atlantic Ocean to the village of Riviere Cyrique, where we rappel to one of the Nature Island's gem. Wavine Cyrique is unique waterfall, which splashes into the waters of a beautiful black sand beach. Get massaged by the waves, get under the waterfall, on a rock in the sea, before we rappel back to the top for a drink of coconut water.

3 hours / Difficult / US$ 75

Dive and Snorkel at Champagne Beach

Imagine a diving into a glass of Champagne. The waters of unassuming stony beach is one of Dominica's rare gems that should not be missed. Suit up with your mask and fins and dive into the waters. Look for the rare Seahorse among the sea creature inhabiting the reef. Champagne Reef was formed after molten lava solidified on entering the Caribbean sea, during the volcanic era while the Nature Isle was formed. The volcanic vents remain, keeping the water warm and creating its signature namesake bubbles. An abundance of sea life are found on the surface, including seahorses. Imagine swimming in a sea of mineral bubbles! 

90 min. / Easy / US$ 20

Snorkelling at Champagne Beach & Soufriere Sulphur Springs

Get Ready for a Fun Day of Swimming & Snorkeling in Champagne Waters Followed by a Mineral Bath in the Sulphur Springs! We will stop at Champagne for swimming and snorkeling and then continue our drive to the Soufriere Sulphur Springs for a soothing mineral bath. It’s a 15 minute moderate hike from the van to the Sulphur Springs. Finally we will drive to CarRod`s Gardens for a garden walk and fruit tasting before we return to the ship.

5 hours / Easy / US$ 59

Grand Soufriere & Snorkeling at Gallette

Accompanied by the sounds of birds and the scents of tropical fruits, cross the Gayak Stream and discover the Soufriere Sulphur Springs. Continue on through the former cocoa and nutmeg groves to the first segment of the Waitukubuli National Trail. From the main road, we enter Morne Patate Estate, and then head to the village of Gallion, walk through the sulphur deposits of Gallion and mingle with the villagers going to their holdings before trekking to Gallette on the Soufriere Bay. Here, there will be the perfect opportunity for swimming or snorkeling.

90 minutes /  Moderate /  US$ 40

Go Kayaking

Kayak the pristine Soufriere bay for a sunset experience.

1 hour / Easy / US$ 25

Heritage Tour

Take a look around the old lime estate of L. Rose & Co. Ltd. and then on to Glo Gayak, where ruins of the first estate house are located. The tour will continue to the information centre, where guests will be briefed on the geology, flora and fauna of the area. From there, head down to the village and the last remaining water mill on island. Finally, guests will be taken to the historic 19th century Roman Catholic Church and be given the opportunity to take a mineral bath in the Bubble Beach Spa.

3 hours / Easy / US$ 30 - US$ 15 for in-house guests

Water Tour

Your guide will drive you to the Jako falls via Warner village. First you enjoy breathtaking views of the West coast and Rodney's Rock, a small pebbly beach can be seen in the background. And After, let's enjoy Jako falls, named after our parrot. Breathtaking, take some pics, try the itals and leave a contribution. The drive to Emerald pool maybe the most refreshing drive on Island. The walk is easy and relaxing. Take a dip in Emerald, refreshingly cold. After experienced two waterfalls in one day, what about a soothing mineral bath to end the day at Ti Kwen Glo Sho ?

5 hours /  Easy /  US$ 65 (5 persons and above: US$ 50)

Splash Tour

Be prepard to get wet all day. Sea, rivers, waterfalls, pools and mineral baths. Drive through villages along the West Coast, your guide will point out places of interest as you drive along Rodney's Rock in Jimmit. Head to Mero for a game of Cricket and a swim then a snack before we head to Saltan Waterfalls and carry on enjoying as we head back to the city, and on to Walton Waven. At Ti Kwen glo Sho, you will be rewarded with scents, sights, fell. The baths are set in a Botanic Garden and Mini Zoo; fruits abound in this piece of Paradise !

5 hours / Easy /  US$ 100


We drive through the charming Botanic Garden, where you will get a pick of Dominica's floral beauty and continue to the Valley heading for the village of Laudat. Panoramic view of the outlying communities of Trafalgar, Morne Prosper and Roseau, on the West Coast. The Freshwater Lake welcomes you with that fresh, clean air as it embraces you. You may try a swim or go Kayaking in the pristine waters of the lake. A short drive to the trail head of the Middleham falls. the 45 minutes hike will embrace you with all the natural scenes of the nature Isle. A dip in the pool below the fall will surely energize you. Maybe the tallest waterfall on Island. Back on the road to Watten waven, home of Ti Kwen Glo Sho. The botanic garden setting is ideal for your last wet.

5 hours / Moderate / US$ 75 (more than 5 pax: US$ 50)

Creole Cooking Class

Learning preparation of local cuisine, using green seasoning grown in the garden, harverest by you and eaten by you. This class is conducted in the setting of a botanic garden, Carrod's Gradens.

2.5 hours / US$100 per person (groups of 5 and above: US$75) / US$ 50 for in-house guests

Roseau Market / Mero Beach

Mingle in the colours of the Roseau Market (a melting pot of culture and tradition).Get a feel of Dominica, and then get loose on the Mero Beach on the west coast.

3 hours / US$ 45

Mero Beach / West Coast

Drive along the scenic west coastal villages of Massacre, Mahaut, St Joseph. Take a splash in the pristine Caribbean Sea accompanied by local music

2'5 hours (45 minutes driving) / US$ 40

Night out

Lime at Club in the South west (Roseau to Scott’s head area)
US$ 10

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