Going Green at Rodney’s Wellness Retreat

Going Green at Rodney's Wellness Retreat
Alternative Energy
Rainwater Harvesting
Waste Management
Organic Community Experience

Protecting the natural habitat is our priority.

The green initiatives at Rodney's Wellness Retreat's are about balance.  This means we prioritize maintaining the balance between development and environmental protection.  During construction, we ensure preservation of local vegetation, flora, and fauna.  Additionally, there is careful selection of any newly introduced flora to compliment and enhance the natural habitat.  Even names across the property come from history and culture.  Consider the Restaurant and our signature Rum Punch named after area's name, Kanawa, from its days as the lime plant propagation nursery for the Soufriere Lime Estate.  Also, the gardens and cottages were named after the owners' parents.

Conservation Dominate Green Initiatives at Rodney's Wellness Retreat

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Caribbean Export evaluators meet with RWR team following completion of Solar Energy SystemCaribbean Export evaluators meet with RWR team following completion of Solar Energy System

A solar electricity grid interactive system has been installed, with capacity to power the full operations of the system. The system went live on March 28th, 2019.



This project was fund in part by Caribbean Export

Rainwater runoff from the main buildings is conducted in PVC pipes to a 500-gallon cistern and is purified and then pumped via the solar energy system to supply the water needs of the system.

    1. A composting site is maintained at the back of the property where all biodegradable waste from the property is disposed.
    2. A system of waste separation is used in the kitchen whereby all degradable waste from the kitchen is disposed of in the composting site
    3. A plan for full elimination of plastic use is ongoing. In the very few cases where plastic is still used, e.g. to line waste paper baskets and bins, it is disinfected and reused. Also, biodegradable plastics are used for packaging and other purposes.
    4. Empty bottles are collected and used as landscaping inputs.

The business lines of Rodney’s Wellness Retreat have been carefully chosen to ensure that our guests have the option of a fully “organic” experience.  Accommodation options include comfortable, clean and breezy cottages, which are solar powered.  There are no air conditioning units.  Then there are tents which blend into the natural colour scheme around.  We also have procurement policy which places emphasis on purchasing of goods and services from the captive communities.  These include the tour options offered to guests.  Vegetables and other crops organically grown on property define our menus.  Along with fish and pork from nearby fishermen and livestock farmers.